What isPerformance coaching all about?

The best way we can describe the performance coaching journey is by Imagining millions of molecules at a standstill. Then imagine nudging one of these molecules to get things going.

At first, there is practically no movement at all…

Then, as one molecule bumps into another, and another, and another…a chain reaction is started and pretty soon it’s a whirlwind of movement that’s hard to stop.

A great coach can provoke a new thought which can spark thousands of other thoughts, creating new learning, ideas and associations that weave and collide into each other to energise your results.


Using our experience and unique coaching model, tools and techniques  to help you to build coaching capability in three ways

  • Developing Coaching cultures and organisational capability
  • Development of new and existing coaches
  • Design and delivery of coaching programmes


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Peak Performance

Peak performance is about being the best you can be and achieving the results you deserve. Using latest research mostly from the world of sports performance this programme shares simple tools, techniques and strategies that will enable you to operate at the upper range of your potential more often, even in your most challenging situations.
Using the Performance mapping process we can help Individuals in your organisation to understand both their performance potential and what’s blocking it.  Performance mapping  will help you to develop a targeted action plan to improve your mental toughness and the results you desire.
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Bespoke Development

The most important thing to us is the outcomes that you want to achieve.

We want you to see development differently most training either does not automatically lead to an increase in performance or doesn’t stick so we will discuss why this can happen and how you can achieve the greatest return on your investment with the approach that you take.

Most of our workshops are available as one or two day workshops, as well as 90 minute turbo sessions.

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Teamgym partners with some of the most extraordinary trainers, facilitators & coaches in the UK.

The purpose teamgym was created was to help individuals, teams, and organizations become the most successful they can be, whatever success looks like for them. Why, because successful happy & inspired people move mountains, they don’t see the obstacles they simply move straight past them.

Teamgym is a difficult proposition to sum up because it works from the presupposition that there is always a solution. So once this is identified and is motivational for all the people involved then the best Intervention can be identified. In these circumstances you want powerful lasting change & that’s what we are about. In order to do this out tool kit of options is enormous and one of the things that defines us.

So if you want a partner that can really help your people and business perform give Teamgym a call.

You can contact Teamgym in the following ways:


Mobile:  +44 (0)7769 648 645

Office:  +44 (0)1789 766 111

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Post:   Alcester Heath


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